Growth of plastic

Market research provider Euromonitor recently released a report called “Ethical Living: Plastic—Lose it or Re-Use it.”

PET plastic bottle production
PET plastic bottle production

One key trend identified in the report is the steady growth of PET bottles globally, in China, and in the United Kingdom, as this table shows. Rosemarie Downey, head of packaging research at Euromonitor International, has this to say on the topic of plastic packaging.

“Globally plastic recycling is increasing but tends to lag behind other materials. In part, the ability to produce virgin plastic so economically has thwarted the development of recycled plastics. However, with a growing sense of environmental stewardship, creating capacity of recycled plastics and brands’ uses of them looks set to rise. Currently, around 30% of plastics in Europe, 25% in China and 9% in the US are recycled. Recycling varies considerably by polymer and country. Germany, Japan and South Korea are among the best recyclers in the world. Living ethically with plastic has become a conflict. Attention is on those single-use plastics with a very short lifespan littering the environment. Solutions to address waste or alternatives are sought. Plastic however holds a highly valuable, functional role, in protecting and preventing food waste. With its success in use, however, comes responsibility post-use to reduce its occurrence as environmental waste. Mindful consumption of plastic is a global duty; consumers have their part to play to help realize zero-litter (the dream), as do corporate players in their use and handling and governments in providing the necessary infrastructure.” For more information, please visit

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