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10 steps to effective P-O-P displays

These tips will help synergize your display with your packaging, and they also consider the needs of the marketer, the retailer, and the consumer.

Point-of-purchase (P-0-P) displays, which can fall under the broader heading of retail-ready packaging, offer brand marketers a different opportunity to attract shoppers’ attention in store. To maximize impact, however, these displays, as well as the packages they hold, must work well together.

Consumer packaged goods companies that tap into P-O-P displays as part of their brand-marketing programs say that the better the display and the packages work together, the more sales will increase.

How can you maximize the potential of your P-O-P display? Consider these 10 tips from They were contributed by Jeff Parry, a retail display and shop display specialist.

1. Include a “call to action.”
2. The message must be readable and understandable at a glance.
3. Link the display with other in-store advertising or your brand’s broader marketing campaign.
4. Work with retail staff on how to assemble or where to play your display.
5. The retailer also must know whether you have an exclusive offering tied into your display.
6. Give the retailer incentive to sell your deal to customers.
7. All elements of the display, including the packages, should be durable enough to survive the life of the promotion.
8. Determine how all items in the display can be most cost-effectively distributed to stores.
9. Ensure that the results from your P-O-P effort can be effectively monitored and measured.
10. Are the components of your display easily and efficiently recycled?

Your P-O-P display has the best chance of succeeding if it addresses the needs of the marketer, the retailer, and the consumer.

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