FDA to make BPA decision by Nov. 30

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s newly appointed commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, in mid-August announced that the agency is reviewing new studies on Bisphenol A and "expects to rule by Nov. 30 on whether the chemical is safe for use in food and beverage containers."

That’s according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the newspaper that has conducted a months-long investigation that its JSOnline site says, "reveals a highly calibrated campaign by plastics makers to fight federal regulation of BPA, downplay its risks, and discredit anyone who characterizes the chemical as a health threat."

In an online post on its Journal Interactive site, the publication notes that Bill Carteaux, president of the Society of the Plastics Industry (www.plasticsindustry.org), addressed the topic of BPA at the group’s annual meeting in June, saying: “We are under attack from all fronts.” The site quoted Carteaux standing up for industry in a videotape of his presentation to association members and saying, “We are at a tipping point. Legislation and regulation threaten to fundamentally change our business model. ...We can’t continue to fight back at the reactive stage when things are emotionally charged. We have to take the offensive and act quicker.” BPA, used in food and beverage containers, has been under attack for some time. In late June, a coalition of investors and other groups representing more than $26 billion in assets sent a letter to Hamburg. “As investors, we’re concerned that the use of BPA, particularly in food and beverage packaging, may threaten shareholder value. Companies may face reputational, competitive, or market exclusion risks from using BPA. We are thrilled that the FDA is reconsidering its assessment,” said Emily Stone of Green Century Capital Management (www.greencentury.com), the investment advisory firm that organized the letter. For previous BPA-related stories, visit www.packworld.com/go/x148.

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