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Nanotechnology IN PHARMA cold chain

At the 3rd annual Cold Chain Distribution for pharmaceuticals 2005 conference in Philadelphia October 17-20, two new materials were discussed as alternative methods to maintain temperatures of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

NanoCool LLC’s NanoCool™ is a patented new technology for controlling shipments in the 2º to 8º C range, and is marketed towards biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and specialty food applications.

Developed by a consortium of international experts in cold-chain logistics, NanoCool provides “on-demand” cooling. By pushing an actuator button on the container, heat is transferred by evaporating small quantities of water at low pressure, creating a cooling effect. The “nano”-based materials are used in the shipper’s insulation.

Another technology was presented via a slide shown during a presentation by Jean-Pierre Emond, PhD and associate professor with the University of Florida’s Packaging Science Program. The slide showed a woman’s hand holding a nanotechnology-based super-insulation material from Aspen Aerogels.

Used by NASA, the aerogel products incorporate thin, flexible nanoporous insulation blankets for applications requiring extreme thermal insulation performance.

The Impact of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Global Developments, Market Analysis, and Future Prospects, covers two “hot-button” issues: nanotechnology and drug delivery. Published in April by Drug and Market Development Publications, the 154-page report “examines the business opportunities that are being created by nano-engineered solutions for the drug delivery market.” —Jim Butschli

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