Light beer grabs new star

Lone Star Light showed off its new package design at the Seventh Annual Great Texas Beer Festival on May 22. According to San Antonio, TX-based Pabst Brewing Co., LS Light was redesigned to differentiate the brand as a stand-alone, as opposed to its previous stance as a “light version” of Lone Star.

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The LS Light label design prominently features a silver star, in place of the LS gold star, and the tag line “Reach for the Silver Star."

The 12-oz bottle from Owens-Brockway (Toledo, OH) is decorated with a 42-lb metallized paper label supplied by NorthStar (Milwaukee, WI) and Inland Printing (La Crosse, WI). LS Light label is offset-printed in five colors.

Paperboard cartons for both brands are supplied by Riverwood International (Atlanta, GA). Bottles are packed in six-pack baskets and 12-pack wraps; aluminum cans from Ball Container (Broomfield, CO) are sold in 12-, 18-, and 24-packs.

At the festival, LS Light was voted the best domestic beer in the Media and People’s Choice categories. According to the company, the retail price differs by retailer and on-premise location.

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