Study on foodservice packaging

The Foodservice & Packaging Institute has released a new market data study on disposable foodservice packaging products, including beverage cups, food containers, dinnerware, bags, wraps and plastic cutlery.

Pw 18315 Foodserv piechart

In addition to estimates of current purchases/shipments of foodservice disposables, foodservice operators and distributors were also asked about their expected future purchases/shipments. Almost half of the operators interviewed expected that their purchases of disposables would increase in the next 12 months; the average expected increase was 12%. Slightly more than three-fourths of distributors interviewed thought shipments of disposables would increase in the next year; again, the average increase predicted was 12%.

The chart reproduced here is taken from the study. It shows what percentage of the complete market each category represents.

The FPI study was based on data collected from telephone interviews with more than 1꺜 foodservice operators and distributors conducted during a four-month period earlier this year.

For more information on the study, available only to FPI members, phone FPI at 703/527-7505.

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