Breaking out of the jewel box

New York-based record company 32 Records launched its 32 Jazz label this April with a new CD package reminiscent of LP packaging. Company spokesman Joel Dorn cites durability of the package, made of both paperboard and polystyrene, as well as its fully printable paperboard surface, as keys to the company's decision.

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Most impressive, however, was that the single-piece package closely resembles an album cover. "It's more visually appealing and a more integrated package," says Dorn. "It has more of a collectible feeling." Produced by Queens Group (Long Island City, NY), the patented Q-Pack® package is made of a high-impact injection-molded polystyrene (8% of which is recycled material) and 12-pt SBS paperboard. It's offset-printed, with either an aqueous or UV coating, depending on the particular CD. It uses 35% less plastic than the industry-standard jewel box, says Queens Group. Packages are printed, manufactured and assembled by Queens Group, and then sent to replicators, where discs are loaded, shrink-wrapped and shipped. Dorn admits that the Q-Pack costs more than the jewel box, but states that its distinctive features are worth it. 32 Jazz is using the Q-Pack exclusively, except for multiple CD packs.

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