Light, Low-Shrink Polyolefin Film Ideal for Furnace Filters, Calendars, Other Bendable Applications

Obviating the need for PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this thin, lightweight, heat-shrinkable PE-based polyolefin film delivers the lowest shrink force in the market, according to Clysar, with a gentle, balanced shrink at low temperatures.

This now-commercially available furnace filter application of Clysar's Ultra LEG film, which is a PE-based polyolefin, qualifies for store drop-off recyclability.
This now-commercially available furnace filter application of Clysar's Ultra LEG film, which is a PE-based polyolefin, qualifies for store drop-off recyclability.

A polyethylene (PE)-based polyolefin film, Clysar's Ultra LEG film is an ideal fit for many markets. But center of the bullseye and demonstrated at PACK EXPO International was an application for furnace filter packages. Furnace filters are so delicate that most non-PVC films would end up bending the filter pack while shrinking in the heat tunnel. But as furnace filter producers seek to eliminate PVC from their lineup for health and sustainability reasons, they still need to maintain a thin, light film that requires only low heat to shrink. The Clysar Ultra LEG film stands out for this application, as well as calendars, school paper, and other product ranges with similar qualities.

"Traditionally, furnace filters have tended to use PVC," says Clysar's Vicki Larson, president. "And the reason why they're in PVC, is because PVC uses a single bubble. It's more of a cast technology. So they can control how much the film shrinks in the machine direction, and in the transverse direction. That's why PVC has been so prominent in the furnace filter industry, because nobody wants this to bend on the shelf. 

"But our Clysar technology uses a double bubble. We blow a tube, and then we blow a big bubble. You get equal shrink in both the machine direction and the transverse direction," she continues. "We've been able to develop a film through process and formulation (chemistry rules and technology rocks, right?) That allows us to do this in a true polyolefin. Any other polyolefin would bend this [package, a furnace filter in a primary paperboard carton]. Ours doesn't."

Clysar's Ultra LEG Film is very thin, lightweight, 40-gauge material. In the PACK EXPO International furnace filter demonstration, the film makes up only 0.5% of the total package.

"From a film standpoint, we've also been able to make it in a way that is approved for store drop-off [recycling]. So we have three approval items already for this product, launching it so that they're commercially in stores today [Oct. 23, 2022]." 

According to the company's website, other good applications for the Ultra LEG Film include: 

  • School and office papers
  • Magazines and booklets
  • Calendars
  • Flexible craft and hobby items
  • Bundled print materials
  • Stationery and greeting cards
  • Coffee filters
  • Disposable paper products
  • Soft vinyl and plastic products
  • Candy and confections

Also according to the website, Clysar Ultra LEG Film solves issues including: 

  • Minimum shrink force protects even the most thin or delicate products without curling or distortion
  • Very high shrink performance at low temperatures achieves tightly wrapped, great-looking, uniformly sized packages
  • Excellent cleanup, with no dog-ears
  • Superior clarity and gloss for sparkling product appeal
  • Easy to use on all shrink wrap equipment, even equipment running PVC film

Finally, from a sustainability perspective, these films can: 

  • Excellent choice to replace PVC shrink films
  • Eliminates chipboard in many print-bundling applications
  • High strength-to-weight ratio may allow downgauging
  • Low seal temps reduce energy use
  • Minimizes rejects, waste materials and related disposal

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