Carol’s Daughter selects airless dispensing

New split-end sealer treatment is easy to use in all-plastic airless dispensing package.

Pw 52482 Carols Daughter Split End Sealer

Natural hair-care products brand Carol’s Daughter has developed a new repairing lotion and has dressed it up in Aptar’s Eden 50-mL all-plastic airless dispensing package. With a chocolate brown actuator, a transparent barrel, and a gold label, the easy-to-use package allows for smooth and precise dispensing of new Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer treatment from Carol’s Daughter.

According to Aptar, Eden is recognized for its gentle and smooth actuation while providing the user with steady control over the dosage. Combined with excellent formula protection and optimal product evacuation, there is no product waste, giving consumers more bang for their buck, the supplier says.

In addition to its smooth actuation and reliable formula protection, Eden has been designed to offer sustainability benefits. Eden’s all-plastic airless system is 100% recyclable and is created with fewer parts than standard airless dispensers.

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