Buyer's guide simplifies sourcing

New online buyer’s guide makes quick work of researching machinery and material suppliers.

Wanting to avoid any appearance of self-promotion, we normally do not publish articles about our own Web site. But after a particularly heated argument/food fight in the Packaging World executive dining room, the other editors capitulated, and I was given two pages to tell my story.

The new online buyer’s guide at ( differs from others you may have used in four significant ways:

• One set of plain-language categories, with no subcategories, keeps users from getting lost in a maze of subcategorization or tricky terminology.

• A short description of each company allows you to quickly determine whether a supplier is relevant to your needs before you click.

• PW editors—not the suppliers themselves—assign categories for each company listing. That means far more relevant listings.

• Where applicable, buttons link to application stories and product news published on each supplier, resulting in a complete electronic “dossier” on that company.

Following is a graphical look at how the buyer’s guide works.

Access the buyers guide at:

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