Piping hot packaging

Sterling Group (New York, NY) helped develop not only the fundamental concept behind Westport, CT-based Hiram Walker’s newest schnapps, but also the packaging.

Pw 18475 Lava

The thick, spicy and fiery red-hot schnapps is named Lava. The packaging consists of a clear glass bottle that allows the bright red color of the liqueur to show through. The label, which is offset-printed in five colors, features a graphic of a voodoo mask set against a fiery background. This, according to Mikki Glass, senior account supervisor at the Sterling Group, balances fun with the challenge of drinking this particular liqueur. The label copy is printed in a color similar to the product inside the clear glass bottle. “The winning package clearly projects a premium, but accessible image and suggests a hot, but smooth taste experience,” Glass says.

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