Juiced-up graphics

In a dramatic departure from its old packaging, Snapple’s Mistic Drinks unveiled a new, more contemporary-looking bottle in the marketplace earlier this year.

Pw 17241 Mistic

The swirling glass bottle showcases Mistic’s brightly colored fruit drink and is dressed up with a label from Spear (Mason, OH). The label is printed on Spear’s proprietary GMC combination printing press. The front label is screen-printed in nine colors, a method that yields added vibrancy and opacity. The fruit unique to each flavor is printed UV-flexo in four colors.

Designed in conjunction with HMS Design (South Norwalk, CT), the label and the bottle employ a whimsical, asymmetrical shape designed for easy gripping. The label is decorated with vibrant whirls of color, similar to the swirling shape of the bottle. “The standout package pops in the cold box, and there’s nothing else like it in the market,” says Bruce Bollinger, vice president for Mistic marketing.

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