Peel, reseal labeling system

Greene Farm Foods, West Meath, Ireland, specializes in precooked, pre-seasoned, sliced and shredded beef, chicken and turkey products, marketed across Ireland and in some other retail locations in the UK.

Re-Seal-it® peel-reseal labeling system
Re-Seal-it® peel-reseal labeling system

The company was planning to launch a new line of refrigerated pulled meat products called “Torn for Taste” packaged in modified atmosphere barrier tubs.

Greene Farm Foods wanted the tubs to be easy to open and reclose. They chose the Re-Seal-it® peel-reseal labeling system from Macfarlane Labels to achieve this objective. In addition to the self-adhesive, resealable label functions, Greene liked the high-quality print and design services offered by Macfarlane.

Kenneth Greene, owner of Greene Farm Foods, says, “We are delighted with the performance of the Reseal-it label system. Initial feedback has been positive, and we are now looking at the possibility of extending the use of Reseal-it® to our other products.”

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