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“4D” Bag Combines Best of Rigid, Flexible

Landing itself a Gold Award for Shelf Impact, global film manufacturer Uflex Limited developed a brick-shaped, all panel registered bag/pouch with a handle and re-closable option that can either stand on a shelf or lie down in a stack or on a pallet.

4 D Bag

The other 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Winners are Innventure's AeroFlexx (Highest achievement)   |    Plastic Packaging Technologies’s Hill’s Recyclable Pet Treat Bag     |    UFlex Ltd.’s FlexiTube     |     Amcor Healthcare’s Insura Seal Verification     |     Printpack’s Paqui Tortilla Chip Pouch     |      Amcor Flexibles’ Predilecta Sacciali Jar Shaped Pouch     |    Glenroy’s Premade Standcap Inverted Pouches      |      ePac’s Skratch Labs Mosaic Packaging     |    Printpack’s Stacy’s Women’s History Month Package      |     Paxxus’ StreamOne  |  Silver Winners

Similar to flexi-cartons, the package is an excellent rigid carton replacement product. The format combines the standability and shelf prominence of rigid packaging with the functionality of flexible packaging in this new “4D” pack.

All six panels of the bag are printed and can be made of different substrates. The look of the bag creates excellent shelf appeal, helping it catch the immediate attention of the consumer.

For convenience, the bag can be carried from a top handle while its re-closable option allows product dispensing through the zipper. The handle is an integral part of the panel, punched from the side panel from the main body with support of an underneath patch.

The product is commericalized and in use by, among others, rice producing brands Dahabi rice by Oman Flour Mills, Oman; and Kobani and Gulabar rice varieties by Shameem Gulbahar Co Ltd, Iraq.

“We have just entered into the rice business,” says Shawn Castellino of Oman Flour Mills. “We wanted a packaging solution which would stand out in the market. Uflex being pioneers in innovation suggested a 4D packaging solution. The packaging is very attractive and the response from the market has been excellent. Our product stands out amongst others on the shelf. Our CEO was clear that we want to have the most innovative and attractive package, hence we opted for the 4D package, we are happy with the delivery.”

The multilayer film is a three-layer structure that has Matte PET/Met Pet /PE. The first, external layer is for print carrier and matte appearance. The second metallized PET layer, sandwiched between the other two, accomplishes the metallic visual effect, plus adds strength, rigidity, and barrier from oxygen & water, important for dry bulk products like rice, tea, coffee, pet food, or detergents. The third and final layer adds sealing, strength, puncture resistance, falling dart resistance properties to the laminate film profile.

The layout and look of the 4D bag was a primary consideration for its design. Different materials were used in each of the side panels to allow for a clear window, registered metallized window, and transparent window gusset in panels to make it a see-through product.

The film is reverse printed onto polyester via rotogravure in seven to eight colors, and four different webs run simultaneously in parallel, converging as the separate panels are heat sealed together. Films are supplied by the Uflex Film Division, inks are supplied by the Uflex Chemical Division, and the PE film used in the system is made of a polymer resin by Dow.

After the bags are filled with product, closing is done through hermetic heat seal. The sealant material is a combination of LDPE/ LLDPE and HDPE.

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