Nestable Pallets

Cabka’s new NestRack nestable pallets, available in HDPE and ACM, are suitable for high-bay racking, double stacking, and roller conveyors. They are available with an open or closed deck.

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With the new NestRack in the standard 48 x 40 dimension, Cabka is now launching a design that  has been further developed in such an innovative way that it combines all the relevant characteristics: The skid-like feet achieve a very high level of stability, offering a load capacity of up to 2,700 lb for an evenly distributed load in high bay racking in one side. Nevertheless, the NestRack can be lifted from four sides by forklift trucks. It double stacks and runs smoothly via automatic conveyor systems. Due to its nestability, the NestRack not only saves a lot of space, it also saves labour. When unloading trucks, 60% less of time is required, as with a standard pallet. When stacking 40 pallets, the necessary journeys to the pallet stacker or destacker can also be considerably reduced. Thanks to their low weight and incorporated handles, manual handling is easy.

Features include:

• Can be nested to up 1/3 of a wooden pallet stack

• Up to 2/3 less floor space needed

• Weighs only 22 lb

• Extremely robust and durable

• 100% recycled

• Reduces carbon emissions up to 50 %

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