DenaliInnovations: Kinder-Safe Child-Resistant Compliant Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

The Kinder-Safe systems include zippers, boxes, and an official badge to allow consumers to know the product is secured in child-resistant packaging.

Child-resistant packaging for medical and recreational cannabis
Child-resistant packaging for medical and recreational cannabis

Denali Innovations, a designer and manufacturer of custom packaging for the regulated medical and recreational cannabis industry, introduces Kinder-Safe, a line of proprietary child-resistant packaging systems to serve the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Developed by Denali Innovations and certified under 16 CFR 1700 requirements, Kinder-Safe packaging systems are designed to utilize proprietary child-resistant technologies that meet the needs of the cannabis industry. Included in the Kinder-Safe line is Kinder-Lok, a child-resistant box which features a sliding sleeve and tray design. The injection-molded tray, comprised of Plant Fiber Plastic, is meant to securely engage the outer sleeve via a patented locking tabs system. The Kinder-Safe line also includes Kinder-Zip, a flexible pouch which features a patented child-resistant zipper closure. This closure, in conjunction with the barrier film used to construct the pouch body, is made to allow Kinder-Zip to maintain product freshness while preventing access by children. Both Kinder-Lok and Kinder-Zip products are currently available under Denali Innovations.

Products using Kinder-Safe technologies can apply the official Kinder-Safe badge on their packaging, providing consumers a quick reference to let them know that the product is secured in child-resistant packaging.

“We developed the Kinder-Safe line of innovative child-resistant solutions to address child safety in the cannabis market while meeting the rapidly changing regulatory requirements of the industry,” says Frank Tsai, CEO of Denali Innovations.

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