Toray Plastics (America): Heat-sealable BOPP film

Developed for use as a print web, Toray Plastics’ new Torayfan F63 heat-sealable BOPP film is made with a proprietary technology that enables the adhesion of water- and solvent-based inks on the print side of the film to provide high-quality printed finished pieces.

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Flexible-packaging graphic designers can choose from a wide range of inks when creating packaging graphics. And, F63 film is especially well-suited for the use of white inks when opacity is desired.

The polypropylene film’s low seal-initiation temperature (SIT) for lap seals enables faster processing on high-speed form-fill-seal equipment. Applications for the new F63 film include salty snacks, baked goods, crackers, cookies, and confectionery items. 

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