Sonoco Alloyd: Single-item dispensing system

Designed for hygiene and personal care products, batteries, writing instruments, confections and other products frequently sold in multiple-unit formats, SliderPak, from Alloyd Brands, a business of Sonoco, is an innovative packaging solution designed to eliminate the post-purchase product scattering and disorganization that typically occurs with multiple-unit packaging.

The proprietary, high-visibility package is a unique blend of user-friendly functionality and merchandising appeal.

With SliderPak, products are dispensed one unit at a time, resulting in an organized space and an improved customer experience.  The unique single-unit dispensing capability SliderPak provides can be applied in a variety of ways in the retail environment. For example, SliderPak systems can be deployed as wall dispensing units to expand merchandising space beyond aisles and shelves.

SliderPak designs are custom engineered to accommodate the exact specifications and branding requirements of each product.


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