CMS (Carroll Manufacturing & Sales): Eco-friendly shrink bags

FLAVORSEAL® BGB-90 Bone Guard Shrink Bags from CMS (Carroll Manufacturing & Sales) protect against film punctures and are made from high-grade, chlorine-free resin.

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The proprietary BGB-90 shrink bag is not only “green,” but strong enough to provide puncture protection—from edge to edge—without requiring labor-intensive patches, soaker pads, bone discs, or other stopgap measures. Bags resist abuse, reduce leaker rates and re-packs. Designed for bone-in fresh, cooked, or processed meats, including ribs, ham, beef, and poultry, as well as heavy rub or spiced products. Printable with brand logos, cooking directions, and more, the bags also provide attractive clarity and gloss. Bags can be heat-sealed or clipped.
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