Atofina Petrochemicals Inc: Atofina Petrochemicals Inc: Clarified random copolymer

Atofina Petrochemicals (Houston, TX) has released its now Finacene® random polypropylene copolymer clarified with Millad 3988® from Milliken Chemical (Spartanburg, SC), which improves clarity and enhances stiffness and nucleation.

Pw 16229 Milliken

Finacene was developed using metallocene-based, single-site catalyst technology. Finacene is an alternative to K-resin, PC, and acrylics. According to the company, Finacene has 20% to 30% less haze and is also 20% to 30% stiffer than other copolymers. It also has low-xylene solubles, which is especially important for medical products, food packaging, and cook-in-film markets.

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