A Hot Design for a Hot Chip

With a foundation of “snacking without compromise,” Amplify Snack Brands is focused on creating great-tasting snacks without trade-offs in nutrition or convenience.


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“In short, our snacks are made with the fewest, cleanest, and simplest ingredients possible to craft the best tasting products,” the company says. The company redesigned its Paqui tortilla chip packaging to create a striking brand that brings out the image of an exceptional chip made from natural ingredients.

Winning Printpack a Gold award for Shelf Impact from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the new design has a large logo, a strong focal point, and simple food photography to create a memorable package. This was a major redesign for the Paqui family of tortilla chips, according to Printpack. “The old bags were solid colors with busy white designs, and they had a much flatter appearance,” the package producer notes in its award entry. “They included product photography which occasionally got lost because the color of the chips did not contrast enough with the color of the bags.”

The new packages use black as the background for all flavors, helping the accent colors to pop. The distinct accent colors are visually related to each flavor—white for ghost pepper, orange for nacho cheese, green for salsa verde, etc.—to create a more sophisticated and eye-catching package. Within this design, a hero photo of a single chip appears on each package, the image brought out against the black background.

In producing the packages, Printpack relied on a few key methods to enhance the color pallet and create interesting visual effects. The packages are printed with a flexographic press using high-definition plate technology and solvent-based inks. The process uses extended gamut seven-color process separations. “Extended gamut was chosen so we could reach the exact color targets they were seeking,” says Alisha Howard, marketing manager for Printpack.

To enhance the graphic appeal further, the accent colors appear as a bold metallic pattern. This was created with a strategic drop out of the white plate to create a metallic appearance in specific targets places. Bringing the metallic areas through a matte finish substrate gives them a soft shine, making the bag appear more luxurious, Printpack says.

“These bags, with their bold and dramatic new design, have considerably more shelf impact than their predecessors and clearly meet the goals of being memorable and generating consumer interest,” Printpack notes.