Precision performance OPP and PET films

PACK EXPO : Toray Plastics is showing its new precision OPP and PET packaging technology at its booth, N-3225, at Pack Expo International 2004.

Pw 12420 Pe Toray

Featured technologies include the new Torayfan® heat-sealable, metallized polypropylene PCFS film, new Torayfan clear barrier polypropylene CBP and CBS films, and new Torayfan ultra-think, metallized polypropylene PCF2. Next generation Torayfan PCFS, made with a proprietary blend of polymers, replaces foil and saves converters time and money by eliminating the sealant extrusion coating step in the converting process, company says. Torayfan Clear Barrier OPP and CBP and CBS films are made with proprietary resins and are non-coated for greater strength. Torayfan ultra-thin, puncture-resistant, metallized barrier OPP PCF2 film provides exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier over traditional foil.

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