Milk package research

The total world market for packaged liquid milk was 120 billion liters in 2001. That’s according to a report titled World Milk Markets-Processing, Packaging and Market Developments by Warrick Research (Cranbrook, Kent, England).

The report says cartons and plastic bottles each account for just more than 1/3 of total pasteurized milk volume, with carton market share slowly declining and plastic bottle share slowly increasing. Cartons enjoy the highest market share in Japan; plastic bottles in North America. Plastic pouches account for 25% of milk volume, dominating markets in India and China, with Eastern Europe and Latin America also important markets. “Rapid growth in some of these markets means the pouch is likely to be the fastest-growing pack in the next few years,” the report says. Returnable glass bottle use continues to decline, though at a slower rate than in previous years. For more information, contact Warrick Research at 011/44.1580.714.628, or visit

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