Retort pouch

REPORTING FROM PACK EXPO: Profile Packaging, Sarasota, FL, showcased a PSG Surdry steam retort oven, containing trays of retort pouches at its booth. Foil-based and silica-based laminations from Kapak were among the pouches on display.

The Surdry retort chamber, represented in the U.S. by Profile Packaging (Sarasota, FL), is a fully automatic, computer-controlled machine. Tray-loaded retort pouches from Kapak (Minneapolis, MN) are available in foil or clear laminations.

Retort packaging is achieved in the following steps, according to Kapak. The pre-formed pouch is filled and sealed and then placed into the retort chamber for heating, cooling and drying cycles. The pouch is then packaged in its secondary carton package. Compared to canned retort packaging, retort pouches offer faster cycle time, reduced transportation costs and improved shelf appeal, according to Kapak.

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