Worth its weight in crystal

It's no coincidence that Donna Karan's new Chaos perfume "purser" looks like a work of art. Resembling an uncut crystal, the uniquely shaped sprayer was designed by sculptor Stephan Weiss, husband of Donna Karan.

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"The crystal shape helps to promote something natural," says Joseph Wehrer, director of purchasing and packaging development at New York-based Donna Karan. This reflects what Wehrer describes as the "natural" tones of the Chaos fragrance. Modeled after a larger, 0.5-oz perfume container with a glass bottom and lead crystal top, the purse size retains a glass bottom but has a plastic cap for lighter weight and shatter resistance. Augros (Clark, NJ) supplies the injection-molded cap, made of DuPont's (Wilmington, DE) Surlyn®. It friction-fits over the pump sprayer, provided by Valois (Greenwich, CT) in a custom silver matte color that enhances the crystal image. Brosse (New York, NY) supplies the custom-designed glass bottom.

Housed in a silk pouch, the perfume bottle is designed to be carried in a purse or bag; it lies horizontally on flat surfaces. Suggested retail price for the 0.25-oz bottle is $75.

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