Toothpaste in a pouch

Thanks to their minimal environmental impact compared to rigid containers, flexible pouches have made steady inroads in one product category after another.

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Now it's toothpaste's turn as grocery chain J. Sainsbury plc of London, England, launches its TOPS 200-mL Easy Squeeze Family Pack Toothpaste in the Cheer Pack® pouch from the U.K. representative of Gualapack (Bath, England). The key motivation this time, however, is not so much source reduction as it is product differentiation through novel packaging. The preformed pouch is an adhesive lamination of 0.5-mil polyester and 0.5-mil foil with an extrusion coating of polyethylene. The polyester is reverse printed by gravure in five colors, and the pouch incorporates an integral PE nozzle, threaded polypropylene cap and TE breakaway band. Filling is done for Sainsbury by a contract packager using a Gualapack CHP 35 filler. The finished pack has gusseted sides and a flap on the bottom that folds down so that the pack can stand. This marks the first time the Cheer Pack has been used for toothpaste in the U.K. The product sells for £1.29 ($2.00).

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