Snack pack pickles

Detroit-based McClure’s Pickles, a leading producer of gourmet pickled goods, condiments, and Bloody Mary Mixes, has released new McClure’s Pickle Snack Packs.

Featuring “personal pickles, picked, pecked, packed and ready to party,” each 2.2-oz package provides an easy way for consumers to enjoy bite-size pickles with McClure’s flavors, including Dill, Sweet and Spicy, and Spicy. The Pickle Snack Packs will be available at major retailers and independent grocers nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $2.79. Shoppers looking for a convenient, grab-and-go snack or items for their young ones will be able to find the Snack Packs alongside other McClure’s products on shelf or atop prepared food bars.

With convenience top of mind, the brand introduces the single-serve snack packs at a time when convenience and snacking dominate the needs of today’s consumers. A recent article published by Harvard Medical School shared “a growing body of research [indicating] a diet that includes a regular intake of fermented foods can bring benefits.” Accordingly, foods like pickles promote a healthier digestive tract and increased immune support among other benefits.

“To capture market share in the on-the-go, quick-service retail categories, we introduced these snack packs that not only provide a healthier snacking option for adults, but also for families and children, picnics, and large-scale events,” says Bob McClure, Co-Owner of McClure’s Pickles. “Non GMO Project Verified and shelf stable like our other items, we have watched this area of our category rapidly grow, and we believe these items will make significant impact in the premium snacking space, delivering quality at an approachable price point for trial by consumers new to the McClure's brand.”

Currently the pouched pickles are produced by a contract manufacturer in Greece, largely because McClure’s has had a long-standing relationship with a broker that has good food manufacturing connections there. “What we tried to do is reduce the amount of liquid that’s in the pack so you have almost a mess-free environment and not have people spilling all this juice all over,” says McClure. “Our co-manufacturer was able to really get it to a point where there’s as little brine as possible, but we still maintain a hermetically sealed environment and a pack that can travel and be shelf stable for at least one year. It’s a great quality, all natural product without all kinds of stabilizers, yet it’s shelf stable thanks to the thermal processing the filled pouch undergoes.”

The pouches arrive in 12-count retail-ready shippers. A peg-hole at the top also makes it possible to display the pouches hanging from pegs.

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