Chips bag print reflects gold

New York Style Lightly Salted Organic Pita Chips earned a Gold Award for Printing Achievement for Genpak (

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The bag structure is a three-layer 4.25-mil lamination that features Celplast ( "Supermet" 48-ga metallized polyester to provide superior bonding in the lamination to the matte-finished polypropylene. That's according to Bill Reilly, GenPak's development manager.

The product, in a 27-oz premade bag, targets club stores. It was revamped in mid-2006 from a shiny bag. The change to the matte-look was crucial, says Bill Corcoran, marketing manager for New York Style brands, part of Old London Foods, Dayton, NJ. "We felt the matte finish would give it a more upscale look and fit in with organic, natural products. You see the matte finish in a lot of these kinds of snacks, and it seems that consumers are 'trained' to look for that and know those kinds of products can be better-for-them snacks."

The new package design is from Murray Brand ( The bag also retains a resealable zipper from Zip-Pak (

Corcoran believes package costs are comparable to the previous structure. The bags are filled semi-automatically, and are heat-sealed automatically on a sealer from Doboy, Inc., a Bosch Packaging Technology company ( The sealer has been in operation about a year.

What helps distinguish this particular premade stand-up bag is that the printing on the OPP uses Opaltone ( digital color technology. Opaltone adds three colors—red, green, blue—to the usual four-color CMYK process for a richer look that also means eliminating the need for spot colors on the press.

“For red, it's like putting two coats on for extra depth,” explains Reilly. “There's the conventional yellow plus magenta for red plus Opaltone red.”

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