Slick pouch for a grate product

Introduced in 2003, Grill Wipes from Grate Chef, Dacula, GA, have been repackaged in shiny new pouches for 2004 for improved functionality and aesthetics.

“We’ve stepped up the packaging a couple of point-of-sale notches,” says Keith Aldredge, president.

The premade 48-ga polyester/metallized 48-ga polyester/2-mil linear low-density polyethylene pouches are converted by C&H Packaging. The outer polyester is flexo reverse-printed in eight colors. Each pouch contains six pre-oiled wipes that cling to a grill brush and make it convenient to clean grill grates and prevent foods from sticking. The wipes also claim to enhance grill marks.

Before, the pouches were 3-mil PE, a format that allowed Aldredge to economically test the product, though it had shortcomings. Barrier was Aldredge’s main concern; the seals on the new structure are stronger, preventing the oil from seeping out, he says. That was especially critical since the company has since added more oil to the wipes, which are made of a strong, flame-retardant nonwoven material.

As before, the pouches offer a perforated opening and zipper reseal, which Aldredge says was “essential because consumers use one wipe and can keep the remaining ones wherever and for whatever period of time they want.”

The graphics were also updated; the front panel verbiage was reduced and an illustration of an oil drop was added. Aldredge credits Michael Monea of D. Thomas and Associates for his packaging consulting and sourcing efforts.

A pouch of Grill Wipes sells nationwide for $2.99 at stores such as Albertson’s, Wegman’s, Ace Hardware, and CVS Pharmacy, and is also available on the Internet.

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