SOPO Dispenser Granted Utility Patent

SOPO Dispenser was granted a Utility Patent on November 19th, 2019. It will begin marketing its patented dispenser in March. SOPO is an acronym for Stick On Pull Off Dispensers.

Sopo Pouch Frog

According to Edward Goldfarb, SOPO’s president and inventor, “Our Mission Statement reflects our company’s values, SOPO is committed to providing the safest and most natural personal care products delivered in SOPO’s innovative, patented and eco-friendly packaging. We are dedicated to the preservation of our planet. Better for you. Better for Earth. Sopo the Frog, a red-eyed green tree frog, will be our ambassador and reinforce the need to do more to save our Earth. Like our frog, our dispensers stick on any surface and pulls off without damaging the surface.”

Our dispensers unclutter countertops, thus eliminating the array of bottles scattered about. They contain about 70% less plastic than plastic bottles and are recyclable. SOPO products are formulated by Spa de Soleil and being made as natural as possible, guaranteeing them to be as good or better than brands currently used or your money back.

No more squeezing, twisting, shaking, or using two hands. Once attached it's hands-free to use and a great benefit for those with dexterity issues. Being gravity fed, eliminates the expensive pump and tube mechanism that often stops working. There's no need to shake out or waste the last 10% of the product usually remaining in the bottom of the bottle. A spout located at the bottom has a one-way silicone valve that keeps the product inside until pressure is applied, allowing product to immediately be released into the consumer’s hand. Another advantage of gravity fed is 100% of the contents are instantly available and delivered to the very last dollop.

The e-commerce launch is being executed by Harvest Growth and will rely on social media followed by infomercials.

The first two products will be shampoo and conditioner, followed by body wash, moisturizer, and a children’s line. SOPO also lends to many other applications: garages, hospitals, businesses, and institutions. The company is exploring the possibility of a hotel line of 1 oz Minis.

Goldfarb, a veteran and Navy fighter pilot states, “SOPOs are made in America creating more jobs. We will support organizations that help prevent the suicides of 22 veterans every day. We will actively support organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and protection.”

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