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Partnership Between Frain and Suppliers Drives Success for Brand Owners and Co-Packers

Frain Industries partners with consumable suppliers to provide manufacturers with immediate access to equipment, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

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This content was written and submitted by the supplier. It has only been modified to comply with this publication’s space and style.

In the world of manufacturing, the most dreaded sound on a production line is silence. It signifies downtime, stalled production, and missed sales opportunities. Brand owners and co-packers face significant challenges when machines are down. Waiting for new equipment or replacement parts can take months. Who can afford setbacks?

Frain Industries, with its extensive network of over 70 OEMs, provides an innovative and immediate response to these challenges. Its strategic partnership with consumable suppliers is designed to ensure that production lines keep moving, offering brand owners and co-packers the tools they need to manage downtime effectively and seize new opportunities with speed and efficiency.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Access to the Latest Technology: Frain enables clients to utilize state-of-the-art equipment without the heavy burden of ownership. This allows businesses to leverage the latest technological advancements and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Avoid significant upfront investments. Frain's solutions minimize financial risk while maximizing flexibility and cash flow during peak production periods. The average rental cost is just $0.02 per package, making it an economically viable option for many businesses.
  • Quick Turnaround: Frain guarantees that state-of-the-art equipment is ready within two weeks, complete with factory acceptance and training. This rapid deployment ensures minimal disruption to production schedules.
  • Scalability: Operations can be scaled up or down based on demand fluctuations without the constraints associated with equipment ownership, which can become a burden during slower periods.
  • Dedicated Service Team: With a team of 65 skilled electricians and mechanics, Frain provides on-site support to ensure that clients' operations run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Integration: Whether integrating a single machine or an entire production line, Frain's solutions are designed to minimize downtime and ensure seamless operations.

Frain Industries understands that production disruptions can have significant impacts on business operations. Its gap solutions are designed to keep production lines active, ensuring that everyone, from brand owners to consumable suppliers, benefit. This partnership between Frain Industries and consumable suppliers represents a strategic advantage in the manufacturing sector, delivering the necessary solutions to keep businesses thriving.

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