HexcelPack: Protective Paper-Based Wrapping System

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas at booth SU-8425! Used by the three leading U.S. retailers, HexcelWrap cushioning paper is designed to ensure product protection and packing simplicity, replacing environmentally-harmful alternatives.

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HexcelPack, a developer of eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble wrap and other plastic or foam-based materials, has developed a cost-effective and sustainable wrapping system for a wide array of product shipping needs.

Now used by the U.S.’ top three retailers, the company’s HexcelWrap™ cushioning paper delivers product protection and packing simplicity for e-commerce, retail catalogue, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) and contract packaging applications.

Utilizing slit paper technology, HexcelPack converts extensible paper into a three-dimensional, internationally patented cushioning product by making precise cuts at specific angles. This method makes the paper “flex,” expanding its volume while maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers. The result is a cushioning product proven to outperform environmentally-harmful product protection alternatives – including plastic-based bubble wraps and pillows.

Available in both white and Kraft paperHexcelPack protective cushioning is dispensed through the company’s compact options, including a standalone and completely recyclable tabletop dispensing station. The Mini Packing Station™, is an easy-to-use, human-powered dispenser requiring no electricity, zero maintenance, and a fraction of the tabletop space required for competing solutions.

Ultra Stretch™ technology allows users to  stretch, wrap, and tear the lightweight, interlocking material to custom lengths without the need for tape or scissors. It is suitable for shipping fragile items and reduces product damage by eliminating, among other adverse events, glass-on-glass contact during the supply chain journey.

HexcelWrap cushioning paper is made of 100% Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Canadian Paper for sustainability. Unlike single-use plastic bubble wrap, the paper used to produce HexcelWrap is fully curbside recyclable and biodegradable.

In addition to HexcelWrap, HexcelPack also offers void fill products that can be used in conjunction with its wrapping products. For example, the company’s Hex-a-Fil™ is an engineered void fill that expands to 24 times its original volume. The solution is dispensed via the company’s corrugated, manually-operated Fil-in-a-Box™, which prompts the material to spiral as it comes off the roll, creating the bulk required for efficient void fill.

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