M. Holland Co. Offers Post-Consumer Recycled Resins to Help Brands Meet Sustainability Goals

These post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins are cleaner and easier to color, enabling brand owners and OEMs to meet aggressive sustainability goals.

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M. Holland Co., an international distributor of thermoplastic resins and ancillary materials, announced its offering of up to 100% PCR content resins. These materials are carrier resins for masterbatches that empower sustainable innovation in the plastics industry by helping OEMs and molders in the packaging, automotive and consumer goods segments decrease reliance on virgin plastics.

Mechanically recycled PCR resins are developed by reprocessing existing material sourced from municipal or closed-loop recycling programs. The recycled products are sorted by polymer type before being shredded, washed, melted and pelletized to be made into new products.

Traditionally, PCR resins are not colorless because the recycling process incorporates materials of varied colors. However, recent innovations have resulted in carrier resins that are cleaner and easier for the masterbatch producer to utilize when manufacturing color and additive products. These resins offer very low opacity and more closely mimic virgin materials, especially when it comes to coloring capabilities.

“As brands continue to set aggressive sustainability goals that aim to incorporate more recycled materials into their manufacturing process, the demand for PCR resins has dramatically increased,” said Scott Arnold, market manager, Color & Compounding for M. Holland. “However, access to PCR materials for color masterbatch processing has been limited. Now, our customers have access to high-quality, natural, PCR polypropylene, PE, and PET that will help them reach their sustainability goals.”

In addition to offering PCR products, M. Holland’s Color & Compounding group provides on-site technical service, regulatory support, insight into evolving industry trends and product selection guidance to assist customers in choosing the best-suited materials to meet their needs.

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