Orics to Showcase Delta Robot at PACK EXPO East

Orics will be showcasing its DS-4 stainless-steel delta robot at PACK EXPO East. Meet the Orics and STXI Motion team at Booth 802.

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The Orics DS Series robots, DS-3, DS-4, DS-5, and DS-6 are 3-6 axes robots, are constructed from stainless steel, designed to withstand harsh washdown water and steam environment in the food, chemical, and medical industries. Utilizing state-of-the-art servo motors and control system, consisting of an industry standard PLC and a unique motion controller by STXI Motion.

The softMC compact size controller, developed by Servotronix with an Ethernet/IP interface developed by STXI Motion, features a powerful algorithm that can control numerous axes simultaneously and achieve the desired kinematic motion of the robot. Compare to other manufacturers’ controllers that supports 3-8 axes, the softMC controller can control up to 32 axes.

The Orics D-series robot is equipped with STXI Motion motors, drives and harmonic drive reducers with zero backlash. Engineered to allow full control of acceleration, deceleration, and velocity with high-speed performance, the Orics D-series robot is designed to perfect the pick and place system for high accuracy product placements.

Orics D-series robots have a self-teach programmable mode. This unique system will memorize positions of pick and place and will repeat them with minimal motor motions. The system can also receive a signal from a video camera and position its actuators, vacuum suctions or grippers for random pick and place.

Orientation position system enables the Orics D-series robot to orient the transferred objects as they are randomly placed in the production or assembly line when using Orics’ 4 or more axes systems.

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