Motion Controls Robotics Joins Mobile Industrial Robots’ Certified System Integrator Program

Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (MCRI) forms partnership with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) as certified integrator for MiR's autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

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Mcri Am Rs

Motion Controls Robotics designs, builds, and integrates robotic automation systems for a variety of industries. Building on decades of background experience, MCRI integrates robot systems to provide complete end-of-line applications, fulfillment solutions, and general material handling automation that offers the newest Industry 4.0 connectivity options.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops and markets collaborative and safe autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, freeing employees for higher-value activities.

The current business environment is seeing myriad operational and labor challenges and companies are finding automation solutions, like AMRs, are giving them the competitive advantage, they need. MCRI sought out this partnership because MiR offers a variety of safe AMR models that meet the varying needs of industries and fulfillment centers alike. The models are designed to optimize logistics throughout the entire production chain, from the warehouse to the delivery of goods.

This partnership means MCRI will be able to offer customers safe, collaborative, autonomous mobile robots to increase efficiency of operations and, at the same time, see a rapid return on investment. MiR’s Certified System Integrators have the knowledge to implement collaborative, autonomous mobile robots into facilities needing anywhere from a small material handling solution to large, full factory transporting.

“Adding the Mobile Industrial Robots’ product line to our existing End of Line Solutions, Fulfillment and Distribution Center automation efforts, along with our Industry 4.0 connectivity packages, gives us a unique advantage in the industry,” said Scott Lang, President & CEO of MCRI.

MCRI is developing a Customer Solution Center in its Fremont, Ohio headquarters for demonstrating the MiR AMR’s capabilities to customers interested in adding this type of automation to their systems.

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