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AAA20 Group Offers Subscription-based Robotic Solutions

AAA20 Group, LLC's RaaS (Robotics as a Service) is designed to help integrate collaborative robotic automation in small to mid-size companies.


As a leader in the nascent Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model, AAA20Group, LLC provides a method for lowering the barrier to entry for customers seeking robotic automation. In the past, robotic automation was feasible for companies with greater than 1,000 employees. With AAA20Group, LLC, this is no longer the case. According to Karen Mallouk, Co-Founder of Las Vegas, NV-based AAA20 Group, LLC, “the immediate benefit for the SMB is a combination of reduced labor costs and eliminating the prohibitive cost of equipment ownership.” RaaS results in reduced capital requirements, lowered fixed costs, and flexible lease terms. Significant cost-saving potential can be realized in nearly any packaging line that requires labor-dependent, end-of-line palletizing.

Mallouk adds, “growing companies can reallocate their workforce toward higher-level activities, and thus conserve valuable working capital. We eliminate the need for any robotics expertise whatsoever, as our application experts will fully configure the robots and deliver a turn-key solution.” AAA20 offers a unique, risk-free opportunity for small to mid-sized operations to benefit from safe, world-class collaborative robotics for their palletizing process. No long-term commitments are required, there is no software or AI to develop, and the customer requires no specialized robotics expertise.

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