Fogg Filler Offers Cost-Saving Sanitizing Technology

Fogg Filler's closed-looped Ultrazone O4®sanitizing solution can perform at a 3 - 6+ log reduction, resulting in a near-aseptic rinse for bottles.

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Fogg Filler's Ultrazone O4® creates a hydrogen peroxide "like" solution from a combination of electricity, air, and water, which keeps chemical cost ultra-low and increases profitability on a filling machine. With the ability to filter and reuse the water-based solution, one system can theoretically save 18,000 gal of water a day, increasing your facility's savings on wastewater disposal.

The Ultrazone O4® solution comes complete with the Ultrazone O4® skid and fully enclosed, custom rotary bottle sanitizing/rinsing turrets to match your exact requirements. The Ultrazone O4® skid creates and recycles the solution continuously, while the sanitizer/rinser turrets accurately apply the solution to the bottles to achieve the desired level of sanitization. The fully sealed door enclosure around the turrets safely contains all fumes during operation using carefully designed, HEPA pressurized airlocks at the bottle entry and discharge points and special electronic door locks only open after fumes are safely evacuated from the chamber.

This technology can be purchased on new machines, replace an existing sanitizer/rinser system, or be paired with any existing "stand alone" filler.

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