Do-It Corp. Acquires Tower Tag & Label

Do-It Corp. acquired Tower Tag & Label. Both Michigan-based companies design and manufacture hang tabs, display strips, and other retail display products.

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Do It Corp Tower Press Release 3

Discussion of the acquisition began in June of 2020 as Tower Tag & Label, like many companies, struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn.

“Both of our companies provide an excellent product and bring a customer focused approach to the industry,” said Ron McIntyre, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Do-It Corp. “As we zero-in on fifty years in the marketplace, this acquisition allows us to continue to expand in the area of retail display packaging where we are strongest — in hang tabs.”

“The time was right,” said Tom Miller, President and Owner of Tower Tag & Label. “I wanted to make sure our customers would be serviced well and provided with a quality product at a reasonable price. I am confident that Do-It Corp. will meet our customer’s expectations in satisfying their future requirements. Do-It Corp. has been this business a long time and actually invented the hang tab.”

After this acquisition all hang tabs will be manufactured at Do-It Corp.’s South Haven, Mich. facility.

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