Spartan Parts Filling Valve Conversion from Vacuum to Gravity

Spartan Parts, a subsidiary of Fogg Filler Co., designed a vacuum filler valve to retrofit to a vacuum filler allowing the user to simply turn the vacuum off and increase quality of life.

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A significant, unanticipated, benefit is the reduction on "proof loss." Gravity filling technology is known for no proof loss. By converting a customer's current vacuum filler valve with a Spartan Parts Gravity Fill Valve, the valve will be able to fill spirits at existing speeds while allowing for maintenance and cleaning to be completed in minutes versus an hour per valve.

These valves are made with one moving part and two seals to make maintenance and troubleshooting much simpler than previous vacuum fill valves. The polymer tip assures there will be no chipping of the glass bottles and the custom adapter to the bowl allows for easy installation.

Spartan Parts was developed to support all non-Fogg Filler equipment, upgrades, and consumable parts in its existing and new customers filling facility. We back our company's equipment upgrades and products with the same expert engineering and services that our customers have grown to trust from the Fogg Filler brand. Spartan Parts can offer our customers a great advantage when it comes to spirits vacuum filler valve replacement.

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