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Resealable Can End

The click cap uses less plastic than other can ends while providing one-handed opening, long-lasting resealability, and branding opportunities for beverage brands.

Click Cap Promo

This content was written and submitted by the supplier. It has only been modified to comply with this publication’s space and style.

The click cap, created by Top Cap Holding GmbH of Kufstein, Austria, is a manufacturer-, filler-, brand-, and consumer-friendly resealable can end. The click cap uses approximately 1.8 grams of plastic per container, which is less than half of the plastic used by the XO end relock system for beverage cans and 15x less plastic than a standard 500mL PET soda bottle.

click cap componentsclick cap componentsIt is constructed from only three parts: a 1.35 gram polypropylene closure, a standard aluminum shell that can be produced in any geometry (Super End, CDL, b64) , and a 0.45g polypropylene foil liner. The components are induction welded together to produce the click cap and delivered to fillers in a format with which they are familiar. Once at the filler, very minimal setting changes are required before the click cap can be run at standard filling line speeds of 1500CPM, significantly faster and easier than other resealable end options.

The click cap is perfect for brands looking to differentiate themselves with its sleek eye-catching look available in any color. This enables brands to distinguish themselves in the competitive convenience market and run interesting promos. In addition, the click cap opens up the doors for brands to expand into new product areas such as water, which is significantly more popular in resealable containers, and larger cans, which would no longer need to be quickly consumed to avoid quality loss. A child resistant variant also is planned to enable brands in the growing THC beverage space to safely and legally sell their product.

With its intuitive, easy opening and resealing procedure, consumers can enjoy their beverages anywhere, even while driving, as opening the click cap is simple enough to do one-handed and without taking their eyes off the road. In addition, the click cap is capable of holding reseal pressures of over 90 psi without pressure loss for over one month, so there is no risk of spillage or need for consumers to rush through their beverage. 

Sustainability is always a concern when you introduce plastic, but leading global recyclers have stated that the click cap can be fully recycled and will not have any negative effects on used beverage can recycling processes. The entirety of the click cap contains less plastic than a plastic shrink sleeve label or widget can, and the majority of the plastic is removed through standard processing, which results in very little click cap plastic, even making it to the decoating stage.

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