Seen at NPE2018: Simply Orange's blow-molded PET bottle with integral handle

The Coca Cola Co.'s new bottle format uses a resin that is true PET, so it's recycling friendly but still can be extrusion blow-molded into a handled format.

This handled container was blow molded in PET.
This handled container was blow molded in PET.

The Coca-Cola Co. worked with plastic producer Indorama Ventures and converter CKS Packaging to create a new recyclable bottle for it's Simply brand juices. The 89-oz bottle with integral handle uses Indorama’s Polyclear EBM PET 5507 resin. It's molded using extrusion blow-molding equipment from Bekum. The resin's high melt-strength and slow crystallization allow it to be processed on existing extrusion blow-molding equipment.

This new PET replaces the previous PETG bottles known to melt more easily than their PET counterparts, wreaking havoc on the PET recycling process. In fact, recyclers traditionally have had to remove handled PETG bottles from the stream because of its proclivity to stick to other materials and shut down the process. Because of this, PETG bottles were forced to carry the PETE 7 resin identification code.

Polyclear EBM PET is recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), and was granted official Critical Guidance recognition for protecting the integrity of the PET recycling stream.The resin is a semi-crystalline polyester that, importantly, can carry the PETE 1 resin identification code.

The 89-oz Simply juice bottle is the first commercial application for the plastic, but it may have the legs to make inroads in other arenas. One such area may be handled liquid laundry detergent or other household products with formats currently dominated by opaque PP or HDPE.