Air Sanitizers

Fogg Filler’s Microb-Blaster UV-C air sanitizers are designed to provide an active layer of protection against airborne viruses for shared work and public indoor spaces.

Microb Blaster2400

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Fogg Filler’s air sanitizers are available in two models. The Microb-Blaster® 2400 UV-C air sanitizer (shown) is constructed of rugged commercial grade components and polished stainless steel. This fully contained, UV-C, chamber operates without any risk of exposure to individuals around it. When placed centrally in the room, its distribution top creates a down draft effect around the perimeter of the space to help push airborne particulates to the floor level, away from individuals, so they can be drawn in, filtered, and then passed through the high intensity UV-C light chamber. This unit is designed for a smaller area, approximately 16 ft x16 ft, for single occupant offices or home use.

The Microb-Blaster® 4800 is constructed of the same rugged commercial grade components and polished stainless steel as the Microb-Blaster® 2400 UV-C. This unit is twice as tall as the 2400 allowing it the power and time to sanitize a greater volume of air for larger spaces. This unit is best suited for spaces approximately 32 ft x 32 ft. If your facility is larger, we recommend putting multiple units in your facility to ensure the safety of all individuals.

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