Case/tray former/packer/sealer first with new servo modules

Goodman Packaging Equipment is the world's first machine builder to utilize the new PacDrive iSH Series Intelligent Servo Module from ELAU.

Goodman has applied this all-new configuration of servo technology to its fully automatic ‘Three-in-One' Case and Tray Former/Packer/Sealer. The system erects an RSC case, top loads up to 100 flexible or rigid packages per minute, closes and applies a hot melt adhesive to seal the case. The ‘Three-in-One' is so-called because it integrates all these proven Goodman packaging modules within a unified frame to provide smooth, synchronized packaging in minimal floor space. The self-contained servo modules simplify mounting, reduce component counts and cabling, and reduce electrical cabinet size and footprint compared to conventional servo motors and drives. Each PacDrive iSH Series servo receives all power and communications from its own hybrid cable coming from a nearby distribution module. There are no separate encoder cables, and each module is fully synchronized through a digital motion bus running in the single cable. A central, shared power supply feeds the remotely located distribution modules. Instead of a cabinet filled with servo drives and cable connections, only a single PacDrive automation controller and power supply are located in the electrical cabinet. The servos and their distribution modules are IP 65 rated and installed around the machine, at the point of use.

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