Case/Tray Packer

The new Douglas Invex™ Low Speed Case/Tray Packer speeds up production for low volume packagers by incorporating all the flexibility of electronic motion controls in an economical, 12 case/tray per minute, small footprint format.

Benefits include:
* Smooth, quiet operation, reduced maintenance time and cost, and fewer jams.
* Motors are more adaptable to run a wider range of products.
* Fast, repeatable changeovers because motors are readily programmed.
* Faster startups for greater throughput because machine functions start up simultaneously.
Features include software modularity so diagnostics are simplified because the operator or technician
is able to pinpoint the root cause of problems from the human machine interface. Changeovers are
recipe-driven, with minimal change parts and simple hand wheel adjustments. Control components
are located at the perimeter of the machine for easy maintenance. OMAC Packaging Guidelines
standards-based connectivity and an IEC conforming software structure makes the Invex™ PackML- and

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