Tray loading, forming, shrink packaging machines

Tray loading, forming and shrink packaging machines from Polypack collate products into trays at speeds ranging from 15 to 50 trays per minute.

The Tray Loader / Former ''TR Series'' is extremely versatile, easy to operate, and highly reliable. The TR-15 from Polypack is an intermittent-motion shrink packaging machine that collates products into trays at about 15 trays/min. The TR-35 and the TR-50 are continuous packaging equipment running at a speed of 35 per minutes and 50 trays per minutes respectively. Products are stabilized and controlled throughout the process. Adjustments for different tray sizes are made quickly and easily. The durable stainless steel construction provides years of service. The TR can be integrated with a Polypack shrink wrapper to provide a secure, protected package ready for distribution.

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