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IMA offers totally automated servo case packer

Recent research sponsored in part by ELAU suggests a much higher incidence of packaging lines with multiple changeovers per day – some 37% of respondents.

And in the Packaging Line Performance workshops that ELAU co-sponsors, participants learn the impact of just four 30-minute changeovers per day -- 10 hours of lost production per week.

In this spirit, IMA demonstrated the CP50 side-loading case packer with 9 servo axes by ELAU at interpack. Why so many servos on a case packer? To completely automate format changes.

In the video, you'll see the IMA case packer change over in less than a minute after running a series of cartons into cases. There are no tools, no change parts and most important, no tweaking. Setup is both consistent and precise with a simple press of the touchscreen HMI. Gantry pusher, flap tuckers and case lugs automatically reposition as you watch the video.

As its name implies, the CP50 can process up to 50 cases per minute. So, saving ten hours of changeover time per week equates to up to 30,000 cases per week of production.

Robotic motion in the gantry pusher

It may not look like a robot, but it's programmed like one to optimize cycle rates and gentle product handling.

The CP50's gantry pusher smoothly loads cartons into cases using ELAU's robotic software library to optimize the motion sequence. During the reverse stroke, the pusher simultaneously moves upward in an interpolated path to efficiently position itself behind the next stack of product.

Design for efficient operation and upkeep

IMA's CP50 is specifically designed to handle small dimension cases at high speeds, such as the toothpaste highlighted in the interpack demo. It is exceptionally compact for its high speed.

The CP50 is entirely servo-driven, which IMA notes is dictated by modern market requirements.

It uses a cantilever structure to ensure complete accessibility and easy cleaning. Careful consideration has been given to ergonomics. For example, all parts of the machine can be reached from the operator's side without having to walk to the opposite side of the machine to fill the carton stacking unit.

Options include an overturning device to run up to 500 cartons per minute, case labeling and label verification, case rejection at discharge and case overturning at discharge.

Minimum-maximum case dimensions are 120-320mm L x 80-160mm W x 130-220mm H.
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Discover solutions from 2,000+ exhibitors to advance your operations and network with colleagues at PACK EXPO International, Oct 23-26.
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