ACMA's ingenious cartons...and cartoner

You may recall the May 2006 article featuring ACMA's ‘pocket pack' lozenge and candy cartons Now ACMA has expanded its offering to a family of value-added cartons – and the cartoning machinery to form, fill and seal them.

Enter ACMA's new Zip Top pack for confectionary and gum, and the FT 301 cartoning machine to produce variants that include the patented Zip Top, Dispenser and Hinge-Lid in addition to their previous Flip Top and Shaker Box.

These novel packs all provide the consumer with unique interesting closures that have easy opening, dispensing and reclosing features.

The FT 301 is a modular machine that can run all the different pack types with a rapid format change systems at speeds up to 300 cpm.

Downstream is the C301 wrapper, now offered in a Fin Seal version with hermetic sealing protection for up to a 2-year shelf life, suitable for packaging hygroscopic products. ACMA also offers a full range of secondary packaging.
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