No Film Break™ (NFB) machines from Lantech

Loads get to their destination with less risk – looking better than ever – with less tweaking and hassle – with up to 30% less film – and at an overall lower net cost.

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No Film Break™ (NFB) machines are based on an entirely new type of film delivery system that literally reinvents stretch wrapping. The new film delivery system is now available on the RS-6000 and NFB S-Automatic. These machines also incorporate a series of other unique technological innovations.

Not only is Lantech reinventing stretch wrapping, but No Film Break operates at a performance level that legacy technology can’t begin to equal. “Legacy” is the technology that’s used by all the stretch wrappers in operation today except for No Film Break machines.

No Film Break outperforms all other stretch wrapping technology by overcoming the reasons why film breaks and consistently gives current customers better loads with up to twice as much containment force. It also provides more uptime with less “tweaking” of the equipment and lower film costs because it creates the necessary containment force with fewer revolutions of film.

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