Aetna Group demonstrates end of line technologies

Single source solutions range from shrink wrapping to case packing to palletizing.

At PACK EXPO 2010, Aetna Group demonstrated its secondary and end-of-line solutions using control technology from B&R Industrial Automation to assure precise and reliable operation.

Aetna Group’s DIMAC is a leading supplier of machinery and complete lines for shrink wrapping, cartoning and wrap-around case packing to the food, beverage, pharma pet food and consumer goods industries.

Robopac Sistemi is a world leader in pallet stretch wrapping, producing over 500 machines and systems per year, exporting 75% and providing after-sales service worldwide. Their machinery lineup features turntables, rotating arms, rotating rings, horizontal stretch wrappers, stretch hooders and horizontal banders.

The company considers innovation crucial to its future and invests 6% of its annual revenue and 20% of its workforce in R&D. Aetna Group recently acquired Prasmatic, further strengthening its market position.
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