Paper Pallet Wrapping Machine

Mondi and EW Technology launch a paper pallet wrapping machine that can be fully automated for wrapping up to 60 pallets/hr or semi-automated for wrapping 10 to 15 pallets/hr.


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Mondi, a packaging and paper solutions manufacturer, collaborated with Austrian mechanical engineering company EW Technology to launch the new machine for paper pallet wrapping that is more efficient and sustainable on small-to-medium production lines.

It will enable companies wanting to replace plastic pallet wrapping with a recyclable and renewable paper solution.

The machine features EW Technology's mechanical engineering knowledge in combination with Mondi's paper packaging expertise to enable companies to wrap pallets in Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap paper.

The machine takes a full reel of Advantage StretchWrap paper, allowing customers to replace the multi-layer plastic which is currently the industry standard for pallet wrapping. Advantage StretchWrap is 100% virgin paper, created with renewable materials and fully recyclable in existing paper waste streams across Europe. It contains no plastic or coating, but still ensures excellent strength and tension absorption. Mondi commissioned an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing the innovative paper pallet packaging to conventional plastic stretch film and proved that it performed better in several impact categories – most notably in climate change, with a 62% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic stretch film.

From a user point of view there are further benefits. A full reel of Advantage StretchWrap can be applied to the new machine without any need to re-wind. The larger dimensions of the Advantage StretchWrap reel mean that a replacement reel is only needed every 400 to 600 pallets compared to 40 to 80 pallets for plastic wrapping, providing a more efficient solution.

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